Toeic Starter Third Edition (Ebook-Audio)

Toeic Starter Third Edition (Ebook-Audio)

Toeic Starter Third Edition (Ebook-Audio)

Starter TOEIC  books compiled for learners of English primary education needs begin to prepare for the TOEIC test . This is the first book in 4 volumes of Anne Taylor Compass TOEIC , including : TOEIC Analyst , Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test and Target Data TOEIC Toeic.  


Starter TOEIC book is divided into 04 sections :

Chapter I : Introduction 12 The most important point of grammar is often used in the TOEIC test with clear explanations accompanying practice exercises .

Chapter II : About 12 small test ( test reading comprehension skills ) , all reinforce each grammar point through natural situations in many different contexts .

Chapter III : you will have the opportunity to do a full test to assess their capabilities .

Chapter IV : Includes part Transcript , Answer Key and all the paper work for practice tests 

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